[Audio] Recommended for German Earphone Headphone Maker


Germany has many famous earphone makers. I am collecting audio maker brands. There are so many earphones that you can’t choose in the world, and you’ll be wondering which one to choose. Among them, we are gathering manufacturers that are recognized worldwide. Please choose the suitable earphone according to your preference and application.


It is a German sound equipment manufacturer. It is known for its high -end models and sells wireless earphones. The most recognized manufacturer in the world. It is known for its useful use of music production sites and movie production sites. We work on a wide range of products from professional sites to general music fans, and meet various needs.

Company NameSennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG
main officeWedemark, Lower Saxony

The left and right earphones are hand -working to show high performance. It is a high -quality model due to consistent development and manufacturing in Germany.


It is comfortable to attach even if you wear it for a long time with a 4 -sized eartip. Customized touch panels are all free of music, telephone and voice assistant.


Equipped with the latest chips of Quarcom and an innovative 7mm driver developed at German headquarters. Even music of any genre faithfully reproduces the original sound.



It is a German audio product manufacturer. It is known as the first company in the world that produced stereo headphones. It was released in 2015, “T1 2nd Generation”, a second -generation machine of the flagship headphone “T1” equipped with “TESLA Technology”. Many musicians have been trusted by many professionals and have been used by many musicians in advertising.

Company Namebeyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG
main officeTheresienstr. 8 74072 Heilbronn

It is an earphone that can reproduce a very natural sound without stress. A well -balanced sound can be reproduced.


It is a newly developed model inheriting the functions and performance of the Amiron Wireless JP released in 2018. The sound sounds elegant.


It is a headphone that sounds clear from low to high range. It is a model that picks up the sound to a delicate place and reaches the user’s ear.



German audio product manufacturer. Mainly headphones are the main products, and the concept is developing products that pursue “sounds with natural realism”. We are particular about domestic handmade and are all made in Germany. Skilled craftsmen are carefully producing one by one. For this reason, there are many products that are specialized in quality and commitment, and it is a manufacturer that can be recommended for those who want to pursue sound quality.

main officeTutzing

The Ultrasone Signature series is currently a featured product. The top model Signature Master has been developed as a successor to the high -quality and perfect reference model “Signature Pro”.


Signature Natural is a reference headphone that has all the quality required by professionals. It features tight low range, transparent midrange, and clear high range. This tension is made of protein leather that combines high quality wearing and durability.


Signature Pulse is a DJ headphone that realizes a clear, powerful sound and toughness required by professional DJs. Play the best heavy bass for club music without distortion.



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